Doctor comforts patient in hospital in Dallas.

Reading the article that goes along with this picture makes the meaning behind it 10 times more important. This picture is a man crying and being sad because he wants to go home and see his wife and his family but he can’t because he has Covid and he’s in a hospital he can’t see his family because of this pandemic. The feelings brought on by this picture our anger and sadness. This virus was first heard of in China and as time went on it spread to every other country and finally to the United States. This picture shows the devastation that COVID-19 has brought to everybody around the world. Because of the strict restrictions, people like this are not able to see their loved ones before they pass and unfortunately it happens a lot. This photo is very hard to look at, this whole year has been extremely scary and when you look at this photo it just brings it all to life. Imagine your family getting a virus and you’re not being able to see them before the cops when you haven’t been able to see them for the last six months because there’s been a pandemic and there’s been stay at home orders and you have to wear masks everywhere. The main emotion pot behind this photo is sadness, but there’s also a lot of anger in this photo. Not being able to see somebody before they pass is probably one of the worst feelings especially when it’s sunny and in the midst of a global pandemic. This photo shows what 2020 was like and how horrible it was.This article just shows one of the many people who are sitting in a hospital room and not being able to see the family over Thanksgiving and Christmas, This is extremely hard on those who used to spend every minute with their family. 2020 has been an extremely difficult year and this photo and article just prove that.

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