Earthquake In Asia

What would you do if you saw a woman trapped in rubble from a devastating 6.7 earthquake? Just this morning there was a devastating aftershock that hit an Indonesian island, after a 6.7-magnitude earth hit on Saturday. The island has continued to be rattled by aftershocks that reach a magnitude of 5.0. The earthquake flatted buildings, including a hospital, and has left at least 46 people dead. In the city of Mamuju, the epicenter of the quake, thirty-seven people died. Thousands of residents fled their homes, and search and rescue are still looking for people trapped under the collapsed buildings, which is where most of them are. Many rescuers are working day and night to get to every person. I couldn’t imagine going through something like this, and many eastern islands have. Tonight I am praying for the people of Indonesia and for those who are injured and those who have lost family members,or even children.




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Kelli Albert

Kelli Albert

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