Help Out Your Local Businesses

As the times are crazy right now with he pandemic, many business are struggling. Here is Ashland, Oregon, We have had many business closures due to the pandemic. These a few local businesses that have gone out of business due to the pandemic:

Morning Glory:

Morning glory is a restaurant that is open for breakfast and lunch. Although they were already having financial struggles before the pandemic, it just made it harder and harder to stay afloat.

Ashland Cinema:

The Ashland street cinema closed down just a few weeks ago due to being closed for almost a whole year, as well as they just did a renovation due to flooding in the building. The cinema has had a tough time and unfortunately the pandemic didn’t help and they had to close.

Ashland is a land of businesses owned by families as well as business that they only have one off and it may be hard to keep up. It’s been very hard for many many businesses here. Maybe pick a day of the week to order food from a small restaurant or go visit a business downtown and buy something small. Anything helps them businesses right now. To help you, here are few locally owned restaurants here in Ashland, OR to support is you can.


Located in downtown Ashland off of pioneer street, Ruby’s is a very delicious breakfast burrito place. It has many different types of burrito, ones with meat, vegan and vegetarian. Ashland has many amazing. restaurants, and speaking personally Rubys’ is one of the best.


This sandwich shop is so delightful, not only the great food, but an amazing staff here too greet you! Sammich has two locations, one off Siskiyou Blvd in Ashland, Or, as well as one in Portland, Or off NE 22nd. Now this restaurant may sound familiar since it was featured on the popular show, Diners, Drive-ins, and dives. Guy Fieri, he host, has family up in the area, so he has tried many many restaurants in the Ashland area. This place is definitely the spot to go for a good sandwich.

Great American Pizza Company

The pizza company located of Ashland st in Ashland, OR really lives up to its name. The pizza here us out of this world. They have so many different pizza options, including a heaping amount of pizzas that have the crazy names. Like the B.B. McLaughlin or the Mediterranean. They also offer a salad bar, when they were able to do that. They also have many different appetizers including the famous dough-knots. This is the pizza place for Ashland visitors to take a jump at.




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