Soutern Oregon Sustainability

Southern Oregon University strives on being sustainable and has many goals to follow that. Relating to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Southern Oregon University Strives to meet goals such as Affordable & Clean Energy, Gender Equality, and Sustainable Cities & Communities. SOU is meeting these goals, as seen in the photo above, by adding solar panels to the dormitories. They also have tables in the front of the Student Union that ave solar plans to charge devices and wireless charging stations. They also strive on gender equality. Southern Oregon University offers many student unions, one of them being the QRC (Queer Resource Center), that are available to students who feel differently or just need a place to be themselves. They also offer a woman’s resource center, where they provide feminine products, condoms and so much more for women on campus. SOU’s Sustainability Coordinator, Angela Fleischer, strives on making the campus extremely sustainable. One of the main things you see just walking around campus are the trash cans labeled recycled, landfill, glass. This is so that the trash get equally sorted and disposed of properly. A main sustainable things that SOU is know for is the SOU Farm. The Farm at Southern Oregon University is a center for sustainability. The student-led organic farm produces healthy, sustainably harvested food for the SOU community. It is a hub for education, student and faculty research and community outreach to the Rogue Valley. Projects on The Farm inspire a generation of ecologically-committed leaders who promote a vision of living and working sustainably in community and on the land.

Southern Oregon University is an extremely sustainable university who pride themselves upon all i of the work they do. SOU has met all of the goals that they had and strive to make more.




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